Movement Vault

Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS // Founder

Grayson has always been fascinated with movement. He received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Previous to that, he graduated with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in exercise science and kinesiology. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), giving him a unique perspective as to how he approaches physical therapy. Grayson has worked with everyone from NFL, MLB, professional tennis players, professional CrossFit athletes, to those that are just touching a barbell for the first time and/or the “desk” athlete.

Grayson has been in the gym since the age of 9, when he received a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Modern Book of Bodybuilding as a gift. From that day on, he has experimented with all types of training methodologies. He began training under the CrossFit paradigm in 2011. He currently trains under a hybrid method, incorporating just about everything. Grayson is known to experiment with different types of systems and movement philosophies, trying to find the most effective ways to optimize movement, while decreasing pain, and increasing performance.

Grayson is the founder of Lux Physical Therapy and Performance, located in New York City. He also teaches mobility and movement workshops all over the world.

The Story Behind Movement Vault

Movement Vault grew from the need for an effective, comprehensive flexibility and mobility program that gets results as fast as possible. Grayson works with 20+ gyms, and started to notice a pattern. He realized that most people were not working on their “mobility” pre or post workout, and if they were, they were not utilizing effective methods to increase their range of motion and prime specific movements for training and/or life. “People only have a finite amount of time to spend in the gym everyday. Everything has to be calculated and must yield results if they are going to perform at their best.”

Instead of having people search through the abundance of information found on the internet and piecing together a program that may or may not be effective, he wanted to deliver a system that actually works.

He wanted to figure out a way that he could teach the same active stretches, activation exercises, joint mobilizations, and myofascial techniques that he teaches at his workshops and to his patients in the clinic, to everyone. This spawned the idea of Movement Vault.

The ideas, movements, and mobilizations that Grayson teaches come from studying under the best in game. He has taken the information that he has learned, combined certain principles, and put his own spin on them. Movement Vault’s programming contains the most effective and best bang-for-the-buck movements and mobilizations that he has found. The pursuit for pinnacle performance never ends. He continues to refine and seek out more effective techniques and approaches everyday.

As with anything in life, what is achieved today, could not have been accomplished without those that laid the groundwork and had come before us. Grayson is grateful to those that have put in the hours to expand his knowledge base, and to grow and expand the field as a whole. There are too many names to acknowledge specifically.

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