Movement Vault is a mobility and movement company that will help you increase your range of motion, mobility and stability. MV will feature a new 15-20 minute video everyday, in which you can follow along with at home, at the gym or anywhere. You can stream videos from any device, at anytime. We will take the guess work out of working on your mobility and stability, and show you exactly how to get results. We give you the bricks and you build the castle!
Everyone! Whether you are a professional athlete, gym rat, yogi, weekend warrior, or not currently working out, Movement Vault can and will help you! Movement Vault will give you the tools to increase your performance in the gym, in your sport, and in life. MV can increase performance by increasing your mobility and stability. This will also decrease your future injury risk due to your body being increasingly ready for challenges. You can also treat aches and pains that may be caused by not having adequate mobility and stability at specific joints in the body. It is always recommended to seek out a skilled physical therapist if your pain is significant and or does not getter any better.
Movement Vault will help you increase your active range-of-motion, mobility, and stability, allowing you to achieve better positions in the gym, your sport, and in life. This will allow you to train in these new and better positions and thus allow you to generate more power, strength, and speed in these positions. Example: If you are not able to get into a proper position, lets say the squat, your body will expend and waste energy to try to achieve a position that your body isn’t capable of at the present time. This will ultimately decrease your power, strength, and speed. The foundation of training is the ability to get into proper positions. If we can’t achieve these positions, then we can’t achieve high performance.
Movement Vault will increase your body’s resilience, allowing you to put increasingly higher demands upon it. When we optimize our range of motion and increase our strength in these specific ranges of motion, we decrease the susceptibility that we will get injured in these ranges of motion and positions. We need to be able to move and be strong in all planes of motions and positions.
Yes. Movement Vault uses methods that have been shown to decrease pain and treat various injuries. You will be performing some of the same mobilizations and movements that Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS prescribes to his patients. With that said, if you believe you have a serious injury or an injury that is not getting any better, you should seek out a skilled physical therapist for an evaluation. We also offer online 1-on-1 evaluations. Click Evaluations for more information.

At a minimum we recommend having: 1 mobility ball (click here to purchase), resistance bands (click here to purchase), a padded mat or padded area, a pvc pipe or broom handle. It is recommended to have access to light to moderately heavy kettle bells or dumb bells, but not absolutely necessary.
It is optimal to do Movement Vault before a workout, but you will still yield great benefits from doing it at any time of the day. As long as you fit it in to your schedule at some point of the day and stay consistent, you will see results.
Yes! Movement Vault’s daily programming focuses on specific areas of your body. Some videos will focus on one area/joint, other videos will focus on multiple areas/joints. If you are limited with your mobility and stability in a certain area and want to spend extra time targeting these areas, simply look inside the Vault and filter for different areas of the body and or specific movements.
Most videos are 15-20 minutes long.
Yes! The movements we utilize are different from the traditional passive stretching. Research and anecdotal evidence shows that passive stretching takes a long time to increase range-of-motion and create lasting changes. This is the very reason we don’t prescribe passive stretching alone. Movement Vault utilizes an active approach to increasing your range of motion, mobility, and stability. This is the best and quickest way to make lasting changes.
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Yes! We teach seminars all over the world. Contact us here for more information.
Yes and no. It is normal to feel discomfort while rolling on a mobility ball, foam roller or other object. It is also normal to feel discomfort and/or cramping when performing an activation exercise. However, you should not feel any sharp pain and or a pain that doesn’t get better after you have stopped a movement. You should also not experience any long-term numbness or tingling. If you do feel numbness and tingling, come out of the position and shake it off. If it goes away, then you are generally good to get back into the position until the numbness and tingling starts again, and then you would again come out of the position. Never stay in a position once you start to feel the numbness and tingling. If you experience any prolonged, sharp pain, or prolonged numbness and tingling, or a pain that doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it is advised that you seek out a skilled physical therapist to get evaluated.