Welcome back! Huge high five for giving your joints what they need on this Monday. Joint care is everything. We are starting this week’s programming on the right foot, literally. Optimizing your feet and toes will help you create the stable and mobile foundation for you to move upon. Have fun!

Equipment needed: 1. Mobility ball or lacrosse ball 2. Something to put your big toe up against such as the corner of a wall, piece of furniture, or box. 3. Padded Mat (optional). Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your feet and hips.

We have a saying at Movement Vault, “Don’t skip feet day.” Your foot mobility is as important, if not more important than any other area of your body. We are starting off with a muscle/fascia release technique for your plantar fascia and the muscles on the bottom of your foot. Next, we are working on your big toe end-range stretch isometrics. The key is to stretch out your big toe as much as possible before contracting your muscles. Finally, we are finishing up with an end-range stretch technique for your inner thigh muscles aka your adductor muscles.

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