Feet Friday! You know what I always say, “Don’t skip feet day.” Your feet and toes are the pillars for your entire body. When you have a restricted and tight big toe, it can cause issues at your ankle, knee, hip, low back…..all the way up to your shoulders. No joke, your big toe mobility is very important. Give yourself a big high five after today’s routine as you deserve it. You are doing amazing, have fun!

Equipment needed: 1. Lacrosse or mobility Ball. 2. A wall, or a box, or piece of furniture to put your big toe and foot up against. To move, feel, and perform at your best, you need to take care of every joint in your body. This includes your feet. If you have ever dealt with plantar fasciitis or another foot injury, you know how important your feet are.

Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of the feet and ankles. We are starting off with a muscle/fascia release for your plantar fascia and all of the muscles on the bottom of your foot. Next we are working on end-range stretch isometrics for your big toe. Focus on stretching out your big toe as far as possible and then contract the toe muscles that you are stretching out by driving it downward. We are finishing up with an end-range stretch activation technique for your ankles, specifically ankle dorsiflexion. This active stretch is great for all of the muscles on the back of your lower leg. Have fun guys!

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