Summer is in full swing, it’s Saturday and so that means one thing, it’s time for a longer Movement Vault routine. This routine hits just about everything. The best part is, if you don’t have time for the full routine, you can always perform a little bit now and a little bit later. The first part of the routine is muscle/fascia release work, followed by a plethora of different active stretches and muscle activation techniques, followed by a short flow. Happy Saturday!

Equipment needed: 1. Mobility ball or lacrosse ball. 2. Padded Mat. Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of almost every area of your body.

We are starting off with three different muscles/fascia releases for your hips and shoulders. The muscle releases are targeting your gluts, rhomboids, and pecs. We are then moving on to 90/90 end-range stretch isometrics to improve your hip internal and external rotation. Next we are working on 90/90 transitions. We then have segmented cat camels to activate your entire back. We are following this with y’s, t’s and i holds super-setted with an upper back aka t-spine stretch and activation movement. Finally we are finishing up with a flow that is focused on your lower body.

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