We’ve got an extra ticket to crushville and you are invited! You are doing amazing, keep the momentum up and your energy high. Today’s routine won’t kick you in the butt, but will get your butt moving better aka your glutes strong and mobile. Have fun!

Equipment needed: 1. Padded Mat. It’s time to get your hips moving and grooving! Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your hips and ankles.

We are starting off with an end-range stretch isometric technique for your hip external rotator muscles. These muscles include your gluts, and your piriformis. Tight muscles in this area can contribute to low back pain. We are then moving on to a full-range of motion hip activation movement. Your goal is to bring your hip through it’s absolute full range of motion. If you have any pain anywhere in the movement, avoid this range, and only move through the pain-free range. We are finishing up with an end-range stretch isometric technique to increase the mobility in the front of your ankles, and ankle plantar flexion.

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