It’s hip flexor time! Most people have heard about the almighty hip flexors and how they can be a significant factor in low back and hip pain. Most people only think that they are tight however. The fact is that a lot of times they are also weak. And on top of that they have a rotational component to them. Today’s routine features an effective active hip flexor rotational stretch in addition to two other effective movements. Repeat after me…..”I love my hip flexors” hahaa. If you don’t know now, you will after this routine. Have fun!

Equipment needed: 1. Couch, Box, Bench, or Wall. Basically something to put your back leg against for a couch stretch rotation technique. 2. Padded Mat. It’s a great day to move well! Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your hips and ankles.

We are starting off with a couch stretch end-range stretch activation technique to stretch out and activate your hip flexors. There are two options here: 1) Come up into a full lunge/half kneeling position. This can be difficult for a lot of people, so use the second option. 2) Leave your front knee on the ground. Your goal from here is to keep your abs engaged, and to not let your low back arch. Next rotate as much as possible to one side and then the other. Next we are working on an end-range stretch activation movement for your inner thigh muscles aka adductor muscles. The key with this one is to continue to drive your heel into the ground as you push your hips back. You are activating your adductor muscles, while you stretch them out. We are finishing up with an ankle end-range stretch isometric technique. This one will get your quads activating as well.

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