If you could have amazing physical performance or very low injury rate, what would you choose? Guess, what? You can have both by doing exactly what you are doing! The leading cause of all injuries that I see is having poor mobility in one of more joints. There are more nuances to the performance side of things, but when every joint in your body moves the way they should, you are able to execute and perform movements in the gym, in life, and your sport the way you should be performing them, with good technique and form. If you have a tight joint, there is no amount of coaching cues or concentration on your part that will help that joint move better; it’s stuck and you need to “un-stick it.” Let’s un-stick those joints!

Equipment needed: 1. Padded Mat (optional). We’ve got some great sitting splits aka sitting straddle position action today! We are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your hips, low back, and upper body.

All of the stretch and activation work in today’s routine will be performed from the sitting splits. Start by spreading your legs as far as possible while still keeping your knees straight. Your heals should be rooted firmly into the ground. From here you will go through a series of stretches and activation movements. Focus on getting as deep into each stretch as possible and then activating the specific muscles we are targeting. You are going to feel amazing in about 15 minutes!

The key to feeling and performing at your best is 1) Performing effective techniques 2) Consistency. Keep it up!