Welcome back! It’s time to fire those glutes today aka get your butt moving in another gear. The glutes can get a bad wrap from time to time for “not activating.” There is some truth to this, but not entirely true. I could give a two hour lecture just on this topic, but I won’t bore you. Instead let’s jump right into it. Let’s go!

Equipment needed: 1. Padded Mat (optional). Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of the hips, shoulders, and ankles. Today’s routine is all about activation at your end-ranges of motion aka while being stretched out. We are starting off with a hip abductor and adductor stretch/ activation. Your abductors are the muscles on the outside of your hip such as your gluteus maximus and medius. You adductor are the muscles on the inside of your hip. We are then moving on to a core, shoulder, and back rotational activation movement. Really focus on lifting your chest and shoulder as high as possible. Finally we are finishing up with an ankle end-range stretch isometric technique. This one is all about activating all of the muscles on the front of your ankle.

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