It’s Friday!!! How has your week been? You can easily say, you know what, I’m going to take the day off, which could be good in some cases. But you didn’t do that, and you are back to give your hips what they need. You are here to build your castle stronger and more resilient. Having amazing mobility and joint health is like a huge, deep moat for your castle. Almost nothing is going to affect you. Btw we’ve got Movement Vault shirts for anyone that performs Movement Vault at or inside a legit castle. Pics or videos or it didn’t happen 😉 You now have the building blocks, it’s time to starting building!

Equipment needed: 1. Padded Mat. We’ve got some great adductor work in store today! We are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your hips and back.

We are starting out with a muscle/fascia active release technique for your adductor muscles. These muscles are located on your inner thigh and attach into your groin area. We aren’t using any tools for this technique today. It can be “different” to dig your own thumb into your adductors, but it is very effective. If you have trouble with this, you can always use a mobility ball, foam roller, or kettle bell handle like we have done in previous routines. Next we are working on end-range stretch isometrics for your adductors in the frog stretch position. Remember we are starting out your muscles first, and then contracting them. If you have any pinching in your hips, don’t push your hips as far back while in stretch. We are finishing up with segmented cat-camels, which will activate and stretch all of the muscles that surround your spine. This movement is all about focus and concentration.

Your body called and told us to tell you that you are awesome! Your hips and back love you for spending the time to give them their daily maintenance.

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