When your back has your back, life is good! Today we have a tune up and maintenance routine aimed at optimizing the muscles and fascia located around your low back. It’s time to give back to your back. Let’s go!

Equipment needed: 1. Mobility ball or lacrosse ball. 2. Box, or bench, or couch, or something to put your feet up on while laying on your back. 3. Padded Mat (optional). This is a great routine if you are dealing with low back pain and/or a tight back.

We are starting off with a muscle/fascia release for your low back, specifically your quadratus lumborum aka your QL. This is a commonly tight muscle in a lot of people today due to all of the time most people spend sitting. Next we are working on to a stretch and activation movement for the muscles/fascia on the side of your body/low back. Focus on activating your muscles on one side of your body, while you stretch out the muscles on the other side of your body. We are then moving on to a low back/pelvis activation and range of motion technique. Focus on flexing just your pelvis and low back and then reversing this spinal curve. We are finishing up with spinal circles, which will activate all of the muscles around your spine.

How does your low back feel after this routine? We’d love to hear from you. Post on to your Facebook, Instagram story or feed and tag us in it @movementvault and tell us how much better your low back is feeling or what you are able to do better after this routine. We’ll send you a comment and some ❤️. Get it guys!