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Torso Work and Activation 10-25

Today we are targeting the flexibility, mobility, and stability of the entire lateral torso aka all the muscles and fascia on the side of your body! The focus is pretty broad, but we are capturing the lats, obliques, and quadratus lomborum with the myofascial portion and then moving into activation work to lock in these mobility gains. Get it guys!

Diaphragm and Breath Work 10-19

Today we are switching things up a little and working on the diaphragm and breath work. We are incorporating some deep breath work and breath holds. The Sequence: for about 30 breathes take a deep breathe in and then exhale half off your breathe (repeat). On the 30 (ish) breathe, exhale everything in your lungs and then hold your breathe as long as possible. Once you have to take a breathe, fully inhale and hold for about 15 seconds. Repeat the entire process. Breath work is very important guys, don’t skip it! Have fun!

T-spine 10-15

Today we are getting after the flexibility, mobility, and stability of the Thoracic Spine. We are starting off with a T-spine joint mobilization and finishing up with activation work. If you’ve been skipping T-spine day, it’s time to get after it! Having adequate T-spine mobility is crucial to every movement you do in life, in the gym, and in sport. Have fun guys!