You are building the castle and repairing it! I talked to someone last week that contacted me because they unfortunately have low back. I have unfortunately heard this same story thousands of times. When I was talking with him he just wanted to see so that I can fix him, and he wasn’t interested in why this injury occurred, what contributed to it, and how he could prevent it from happening again. Oh, I forgot to mention his back has been a problem for 8 years and “flares” up 3-4 times every year. He has been to other clinicians in the past that would do some hands on techniques to him and after a number of weeks, he would be back to normal. And then he would re-injure himself…and the cycle continues. Yet the people he saw didn’t discussed the “why” and “how” to prevent this from what he said. Most pain and injury is avoidable. And on top of everything he said, he wasn’t even interested in the how or why, or even preventing it, he just wanted to be “fixed.” I gave him some tough love and said if you have the right guidance you should be able to fix yourself in most cases and more so most likely won’t be in his situation if he is doing the correct proactive “stuff” aka what we do in Movement Vault. That was a long rant, with the moral of the story, you can fix yourself with the right guidance AND you will most likely not even need to be “fixed” with the right proactive guidance. Have fun!

Equipment needed: 1. Lacrosse or mobility Ball. If you don’t have a lacrosse ball, you can substitute a foam roller. 2. Padded Mat (optional). Today we are focusing in on giving your lats and shoulders exactly what they need.

Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your shoulders and hips. We are starting off with a muscle/fascia release for your lats. These are the big muscles on the side and back of your upper back. Next we are working on an active stretch technique called end-range isometrics for your lats, posterior rotator cuff muscles, and all of the muscles on the side of your upper body. Try to get as deep into the stretch as possible before starting the active contraction portion of the stretch. We are finishing up with 90/90 transitions. Focus on driving your knees away form each other as you transition from one position to the next. Use your hands for support if it is difficult to go no-hands. Get it guys!

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