We’ve got a very effective upper body focused routine for you today! One of our areas of focus are the tricep muscles, which are located on the back of your upper arm. Most people don’t think of tight triceps as contributing to tight shoulders, but they do. Your tricep muscle does indeed cross your shoulder joint. Sometimes this can be the missing link to improving your shoulder overhead flexion aka having good mobility when lifting your arm overhead. Have fun today!

Equipment needed: 1. Mobility ball, Kettlebell or, Foam Roller (3 options for the muscle/fascia release). 2. Padded Mat (optional). Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your shoulders and t-spine aka your upper back.

We are starting off with a muscle/fascia release for your triceps. Your triceps are located in the back of your upper arm. We are using either a kettlebell handle or mobility ball, but you can sub out a foam roller if you would like. We are then moving on to an end-range stretch isometric technique to stretch out your lats, rotator cuff, and the front of your shoulders. The key is to stretch out your shoulders first and then contract your shoulders. We are then moving on to a upper back activation movement. Focus on activating your upper back muscles as your peel one millimeter of your chest off of the ground. We are finishing up with a shoulder activation movement. Fight to keep your arms and hands as high as possible in each position.

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