Saturday Movement Vault vibes are all about that joint health. I posted an Instagram/Facebook post yesterday discussing the importance of joint health and longevity as it pertains to not only professional athletes, but also all humans. It is really cool to be able to lift a lot of weight, run really fast, jump really high, run very long distances, climb mountains….the list goes on, but if you are stuck on the “sidelines” with an injury or pain, none of that matters. This sideline could be an actual sideline of your sport, but can also be the sideline of life. If pain and/or an injury is keeping you for doing anything that you want to do, that is not a good situation. Movement Vault’s primary mission is to keep you IN the game, doing everything you want to do in your life. The fact that you are staying consistent with it is everything! Have fun today.

Equipment needed: 1. Padded Mat (optional). It’s time to open up the front of your shoulders! Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of the shoulders, t-spine aka your upper back and wrists.

We are starting off with an end-range stretch isometric technique for your pec muscles, which are the muscles located in the front of your shoulders/chest. Make sure you are as stretched out as possible, without pain, and then start to activate your muscles. Next we are working on a t-spine activation movement. Slowly lift one millimeter of your chest off of the mat at a time and then slowly lower back down. Finally, we are finishing up with a wrist full range of motion activation technique. Move your wrist in as big of a circle as possible, activating all of the muscles around your wrist.

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