Welcome back! What if someone told you that you could feel amazing, and perform at your highest level and It only took dedicating 15 minutes per day. That’s Movement Vault in a nut shell. You are doing awesome and your body loves you for it. Keep it up!

Equipment needed: 1. Foam Roller. 2. Padded Mat (optional). We’ve got a great upper body focused day today! We are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your t-spine aka your upper back and shoulders.

We are starting off with a joint mobilization and activation technique for your upper back. This is a great movement for all of you that sit at desks and tend to have a rounded upper back posture. First key is to keep your abs engaged. Next, focus on activating and contracting the muscles that are in contact with the foam roller. The second movement for today is called scap taps. Your goal is to engage and activate all of your muscles around your scapula aka shoulder blade and shoulder. Fight to touch your opposite shoulder blade as far as you can. We are finishing up with a great shoulder range of motion and activation movement. Focus on keeping your arms as high as possible in each position.

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