Welcome back! Today’s theme is: Every joint matters! With all of the computer work, phone work, and small tedious tasks that most of us perform on a daily basis, wrist mobility is also very important. The amount of weak wrists that I have seen and continue to see is astronomical, especially the muscles on the back of your wrist, your wrist extensors. Today’s routine is all about the wrists, with a little bit of shoulders sprinkled in. Have fun!

Equipment needed: 1. Padded Mat. Every joint is important, including your wrists! Today we are working on the flexibility, mobility, and stability of your wrists and shoulders.

We are starting off with an wrist stretch and activation movement. The key with this one is to slowly lower the back of your hands down to the mat. You are activating your wrist muscles, while you stretch them out. Next we are working on one of our favorite shoulder and scapula/shoulder blade range of motion and activation movements. Focus on keeping your hands high and moving as far in to each range of motion as possible. Finally we are working on two different wrist end-range stretch isometric techniques. Focus on stretching your wrists out and then activating your muscles. If you have any pain, don’t stretch out your wrist quite as much. Find a pain-free range of motion.

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